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Chicago’s premiere choice for Pilates in Roscoe Village!

Our Goal is to educate our students, using our expertise and creativity to help them along the path to transformation through the Pilates method. Guided by the classical principles of thought, breath, movement, and spirit, Helios offers a safe, professional and fun environment for movers of any age, body type or fitness level. Get started with us today!




Work one-on-one in a Private Pilates Session with a Qualified Teacher who will address and challenge you in your personal, physical, and wellness goals.

Equipment Trios

Experience the resistance of our spring-based equipment in these intimate Pilates classes that promote specific gains in posture, strength, & flexibility.

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Our staff comes from a vast background of experience and education in Pilates, Dance, Fitness, Theater and Movement Therapy. We believe in upholding the integrity of the classical Pilates work, while implementing modern ideas of functional, free movement to address the specific needs of the client.


Post Rehab

We would love to team up with your physical therapist to work together in assisting your transition back to full-bodied movement after an injury or surgery. Ask about our PT form!


Whether you are in a pre or post natal stage, your body is experiencing a lot of changes. We can help you take the time to reconnect and be in charge of your movement!

Bone Safe

A proactive approach to a full movement program within the parameters of safety for any spinal condition resulting in able, resilient, and strong bodies!



I find I am naturally sitting up straighter and standing taller, as opposed to just posing that way – it’s now a comfortable, natural response for my body.


Pilates challenges not only my body, but also my mind. This engagement, coupled with the great experiences with everyone that I have worked with at Helios, keeps me coming back. I am constantly amazed at the “aha” moments that I experience from one session to the next!


I love the moment when “I get it”. Those are habit changing moments. The day I realized I was using my breath to calm myself in a stressful situation. The confidence I felt walking into a room knowing I was standing tall and people took notice.


Doing something with Pilates everyday, even if it’s just a plank for 30 seconds or a minute, helps me think about keeping my back where it’s supposed to be and keeping the core engaged. So, it’s really become a part of my life.


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3 Privates for $150 or 10 Privates for $500

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