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Julia Molyboga

Position:Pilates Teacher
Experience:Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher, PMA-CPT, certificate holder of the Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist Program™ from The Center for Women’s Fitness™
Julia has a passion for helping people discover their movement potential. Upon taking her first lesson at Helios, she was struck by the beauty and complexity of the body’s design. She was able to gain personal insight into the female’s body during her three pregnancies. This inspired her to complete the perinatal Pilates specialty program through The Center for Women’s Fitness and a pre-natal fitness certification from Healthy Moms, LLC®. Julia is sensitive to the needs of mothers and creating a safe, fun, and restorative experience. Regardless of gender and physical considerations, her teaching encourages students to follow Ron Fletcher’s guidance that “movement should be approached like life; with enthusiasm, joy, and gratitude.” She looks forward to helping you find your movement potential.