We are excited to work with your doctor on how Pilates can help ease the transition from physical therapy into full-bodied activities after your injury or surgery! Ask us for our PT Form to have your physical therapist fill us in on your progress so far!



Whether you are pre or post natal, our Pilates programs are here to help you reconnect to your body! Our prenatal programs are designed to promote good posture and spinal alignment easing the strain and tensions involved with a changing body during pregnancy. Participants will learn to improve awareness of their bodies creating conscientious movement that will extend beyond the walls of the classroom.


Bone Safe

Diseases affecting the bones such as osteoporosis are often called “silent diseases” because we cannot necessarily “see” their affects right away. Exercising without the knowledge of the guidelines for safety with these diseases can lead to an increase in spinal fracture risk, resulting in serious injury. At Helios, we believe in empowering our clients, no matter the diagnosis. Rather than subtracting movement or making sessions “easy” for special considerations, we take a positive approach. We work to challenge the body to it’s full potential within the parameters of safety for their condition, resulting in a clientele that is able bodied, resilient and strong! We are pleased to be known as a “Bone-Safe” Pilates Studio and offer “Healthy Backs” classes to those living with osteoporosis, Osteopenia, spinal and disc issues.